I think it’s in Box #74

For the past 10 days I have either been living with friends or camping. I can’t say I have been living out of my car, although there is quite a bit of stuff in it. I am so grateful I have such good friends, willing to let me crash at their wonderful homes and enjoy their dogs, children, and beds. Doing so has made the transition from homeowner to “homeless” rather smooth. Just having a place to sleep and a shower to use has made all the difference. The best part of this situation is I have had time to spend with friends. Over dinner, Ann and I realized we have known each other for 27 years. Hard to believe!

Our move went well, although when the day was done I didn’t want to think about the chaos I was locking up at CubeSmart. The movers were able to get everything to fit in the storage facility, but it was just me and four guys. I couldn’t keep up with their need to get everything off the truck, and they were all moving in different directions. I didn’t want to micro-manage their efforts, but ultimately I had to have some items accessible and have a sense of where certain things were stored. Two days later when I returned, I was overwhelmed just looking into the unit- I really missed my closets! 

I had made a list as I was packing. Each box or plastic container was labeled and numbered, and entered into a running list. I know my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, hand mixer and oven mitts are in Box #92. Yes, there are over 100 boxes, and not all of them got numbered because John used a slightly different system for his books and his model kits. I didn’t know if this system would work, but yesterday it was tested for the first time. My daughter called from New Zealand. Could I locate her birth certificate, packed inside her “important papers” box? She needs it for immigration. The mere thought of looking for a piece of paper inside the storage unit made me want to have a glass of wine.

When I numbered boxes, I colored-coded the numbers- anything belonging to my kids was on a lime-green label. Most of those boxes had made it to the one end of the unit. Checking the list, Box #6 had her personal documents- it was at the bottom of four boxes. Not too much of a challenge! 5 minutes of sifting and I found her gray expanding folder, and the birth certificate! I am feeling so lucky I am buying a lottery ticket today!

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