Turning the page

Yesterday was my last day at my job. I have worked at the college for four years, and always had my summer’s off. So every June was a temporary good-bye until August. Just like when I was in school. I knew it wasn’t permanent. I always enjoyed getting back to the routine and catching up on everyone’s summer. It made the goodbye in June not so heavy. But yesterday was a very heavy goodbye.

I have loved doing this not-so-important job- arranging early college credit for high school students. Truly enjoyed meeting counselors, visiting schools, talking with high school administrators, presenting to students. Most of all, I developed friendships at work, something that hasn’t happened for me in awhile. Past jobs have been isolated in nature, or I just didn’t connect with someone at work. The vast majority of my co-workers at the college are good people, hard-working and very down-to-earth. It did not take long for me to feel at home when I first started.

The college is facing tough times, especially as a community college in the state of Illinois. Severe cuts have been made, and more are yet to come. Do more with much less, as they say. And since my mother pounded into me to stay until the job was finished, saying goodbye yesterday felt like abandonment. Like I was taking the last seat on a lifeboat.

I have had mixed feelings about writing this blog. I certainly do not want my journal to come off like a bad Christmas letter, or an annoying postcard, recounting adventures without any sense of others. But when I voiced misgivings to a good friend at work, she said “You better write- I want to know about it all- and I will dream through you. If you don’t write, I will be so disappointed, and feel you left me out of a great opportunity!” That’s a real friend.

Although it is time to write the next one, I am sorry this chapter in my life ended- it was such a good one.

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