Last Night

We said goodbye to the States last night, watching a great display of fireworks from the top of our son’s office building. We joined over 50 of Mike’s co-workers and their families to watch the fireworks taking place on the Mall, but the mood was rather subdued. In fact, all of DC seemed quiet to Mike, perhaps a reflection of the political mood.

I felt some sadness thinking back on past 4th of July celebrations, which was also my brother Jim’s birthday. Hard to believe he has been gone over 4 years. But the fireworks also brought back great memories of laying in the grass at the high school, of parties at my brother John’s or Jim’s, of neighborhood block parties, and humid summer nights.  I love that this holiday involves shooting off fireworks, eating too much food, and warm weather.

In past years, the 4th of July also brought a sense of the end. It’s the halfway point for summer, and time off from school seemed to evaporate rather quickly over the next few weeks of the school vacation. We would always lament that summer was going by too quickly. Pretty soon, the pool would be closing.

This year, however, the 4th signals the beginning- the starting over into a new phase of our lives. Standing on the rooftop, watching the amazing show, I could feel my heart open up, as if to say, “It’s time!”

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