Smart By Accident

When we started planning this trip, we decided to fly into Zurich rather than Geneva because of the cost savings. Even with a train ticket, the cost was much higher flying directly into Geneva. Although the Montreux Jazz Festival on Lake Geneva is technically our starting point, we booked a night at the Hilton at the Zurich airport with points, so essentially free. This turned out to be a better decision than we had anticipated.

Despite sleeping more on this flight than any other time I have flown internationally, we both were exhausted when we arrived in Frankfurt for our connection. I fell asleep at the gate- fortunately, John woke up when the flight was boarding or we might still be in Frankfurt. We both slept a short while on the quick jumper flight to Zurich. By the time we arrived at the hotel it was 3pm and still the urge to lie down and continue sleeping was overwhelming. We headed to the executive lounge and had a few snacks and tea and coffee (all for free), worked on travel plans for the next day, and determined that fresh air would probably be best. 

I had a sudden cold develop after my first flight and could not stop sneezing and my nose was dripping like a faucet. Despite feeling wiped out, we headed outside, and discovered a sign in the hotel parking lot for a jogging path. Following the sign, we found ourselves in bean and wheat fields and then a wonderful shaded walking path that felt miles away from civilization. After a few charming encounters with Swiss dogs and their owners, and a half hour in the sun, John and I both got our second wind.  Had we attempted to walk around Zurich I think we would probably have been miserable. I had anticipated the airport Hilton to be simialr to the Chicago area- little to no access to anything natural. Our first night turned out to be a smart choice, by luck.

We are now on the train to Montreux via Lausanne. My cold is not quite gone, but much better than yesterday. One good night’s sleep does amazing things. 

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