Laughter, the universal language

After a light homemade dinner, John and I headed down to the waterfront, mostly to people-watch and to get Swiss ice cream (which, by the way, is way better than even US Haagen Das). We were able to locate the concert venues, get in some exercise and just enjoy a hot summer night. The temps have been in the 90s- heat wave across Europe. The night air felt so good.

About midnight (aren’t you impressed I was up that late?!), we hopped the free city bus to get back to our apartment. The bus was crowded, hot from no ventilation, and fairly loud because most of the riders were pretty drunk. A family with a number of children got on the stop after us, and ended up standing in the aisle, hanging on as we lurched back and forth. The two year old had to grab whatever he could reach, and that just happened to be his father’s crotch- specifically, the bulge in the crotch. And he hung on with all his might. The father found this hilarious, as did the mother, grandmother and the rest of the bus. Everyone was laughing at the innocent faux pas.

In a few brief moments of laughter,  a child was able to help all of us forget language and cultural differences. 

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