Years of being together has taught my husband how to manage my “hanger” issues. In an honest moment he will confess, that as much as he loves me, I can be rather surly when I start to get tired and hungry. The ugliness doesn’t happen all at once- there are definite levels to the transformation from nice to evil. My husband refers to this as being hangry.

 Level One is the warning point- I realize I need to eat, and that it needs to happen, well, like right now. I become somewhat impatient with the decision making about where to eat, which is often a dilemma in a strange city.  John has become attuned to this level because he know it’s the best time to stop the downward spiral. 

 Level Two is the danger level-I start to be demanding and really annoyed, and I start treating John as if he was the bad hunter who did not bring back the queen’s meal. This level has great potential to turn into a quarrel. 

Level 3 is the high emergency level- I am so hungry and frustrated I can no longer decide what I want to eat. I can get weepy at this point. When I have reached this level, my husband is ready to sell me on the next street corner.

Before the trip, we had long discussions about strategies on how to avoid this whole hanger cycle- having snacks on hand, staying hydrated, pacing ourselves, and just not waiting until we were over-tired to eat. So far, I have not really had any hanger moments, which is progress. However, I will say after 7 days in the Alsace region and Switzerland we both have little appetite for sausage, cheese, and bread. Maybe this is the weight-loss part of the trip!

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