Biker Mama

We finished the bike trail today- 5 hotels in 5 nights, 4 hot days in Germany, and a total of over 190 kilometers (which equals 120 miles), We had a blast. We got lost more than once, crossed the Mosel River a total of 8 times, and got to experience rural Germany up close and personal. Each small town was so neat, and more than once we rounded a river bend, would look up to see a castle- and just be overwhelmed. 

Today we had high temps so we started early- after some problems figuring out the correct side of the river to be biking, we rode through a nature preserve, a few small towns, and then crossed the Moselle to ride through Winningwn. We tend to wait to eat when riding, especially if the distance is great- today was over 50 kilometers (about 34 miles). We stopped  about 1:30 for lunch, and managed to get a table under an umbrella just as rain started. The town was postcard perfect.. We could have been caught out on the path with heavy rain, but instead sat watching the rain under an umbrella on a town square, eating potato pancakes.

We had 6 miles to Koblenz, but we knew the route to the last hotel was complicated. Fortified by lunch, we jumped on our bikes. As we started leaving the town, we were suddenly surrounded by this large German contingent of aging bikers, and they were hauling you-know-what. Laughing, we got swept up in their group and felt like we had no choice but to pedal like crazy.  Suddenly, it was like we were in the Tour de Germany- only they had e-bikes. Somehow, we kept up! Got us through the last few miles!

For a brief moment in my life, I was part of a biker gang!

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