Rain, Rain Go Away

We arrived in Frankfurt am Main on the 23rd, late arrival, so we did pizza at the hotel. Went to bed early, and woke up to rain. It rained all morning on the 24th. Finally, the weather cleared for a few hours- long enough for us to head to botanical gardens, and then to some historical sites. We even had sun for a short while on a boat tour down the Main River. Food finds have been better- found a hot dish deli place on the way back to the hotel, and had the best green beans and mash potatoes. Amazing how some foods feel like home no matter where you are.

We felt we got our tourist needs met, which was a good thing as it has been raining all of today.  No one is out walking, except to run to the next dry place.

We rented a car and are now in Heidelberg, and the rain is no longer a slight drizzle, but a heavy, cold downpour- the kind of rain that chases you home for a blanket, some tea, and a good movie. 

We braved the rain on our long walk from the public parking lot back to our new hotel and, on the way, found the best Middle Eastern restaurant in the middle of old Heidelberg. It was beautiful inside- wood floors, stone walls, and sharp looking tables set with candles. We sat for a long time, eating hummus, falafel, and roasted vegetables. There was a silent music video running on the flat screen, and German teenagers looking very much like American teenagers. The young lady who waited on us was from Afghanistan- knew English, German, and Afghani languages. The restaurant was filled with so many different people enjoying the atmosphere and the amazing food. John’s comment was “How can we be enemies when we all enjoy the same food?” Despite the rain, it was a great afternoon.

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