The Magic of Munich

We drove out of Fussen Germany and headed for a famous monastery, Andeckes, between Fussen and Munich. It was the first day of sunshine in 5 days. Bavarian countryside is so reminiscent of Wisconsin, only it feels like stepping back in time as we drove through small towns with the help of Google. 

The bier garden at the monastery served giant liter beers and crispy pig knuckles- we played it safe and had the crispy roast pork and a half liter of dark beer. With sides of sauerkraut, coleslaw and potato salad, I figured we didn’t need to eat until tomorrow. We still had an hour of driving to Munich, and not all day to sleep it off. 

We planned just one night in Munich, which I regret. John was not keen on spending all our time in large cities, and we are headed to Athens. Even so, Munich was a series of surprises. We had booked an almost free room at a hotel on Expedia, and John didn’t believe we had air conditioning- a concern with temps in the high 80s. However, we not only found cheap parking right outside the hotel, but the hotel turned out to be a modern, trendy place with great beds, awesome showers and… air conditioning. 

I had to do some pushing to get John up from a power nap, but we headed out and arrived at the cathedral in downtown Munich, just as the bells called everyone to Mass. We hadn’t really planned church, but since our flight for Athens left early, we obeyed the bells. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown, and I convinced John to check out a building down the block- it just happened to be in the middle of a wine festival, Frankenwein. This is a once a year festival that celebrates the wine from the area of. Nurmberg. Great jazz, “orange” wine, and spaetzel. We were set! On top of it, we were sitting right near the site of Hitler’s party protests where he was arrested. 

Munich was magical, even if for a night. I don’t think I will have trouble convincing John to return to Germany.  

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