Firemen are popular everywhere

We checked into our hotel in Spital am Pyrnh yesterday and it’s right in the heart of a National Park area in Austria. The hotel was on sale through Expedia, and it has turned out to be great. This is ski country, so during the summer the hotels turn into hiker places at discount prices. Today we took a cable car up to the top of the ski runs, and hiked to a small alpine lake and an alpine meadow. The weather is in the low 70s (60s in the shade), which is a nice change from Lucifer. 

Our hotel is attached to a church, so in its youth it was a monastery. The rooms are very cool, with updated, old-fashioned windows that open into the room. There is a great bakery across the street, and the alpine hiking information center is located at the end of our hotel complex. We thought that we couldn’t have been any luckier, and then the staff announced a required city fire drill. Our entertainment for the night has been watching the local fire department do a pretend rescue of some other hotel residents (grabbing an entire family out of a third floor window) and practice their water hose techniques! I love Austria!

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