Time to smell the roses

Austria has proven to be a good respite- just driving in the car and looking at scenery has been relaxing. Although I loved Vienna, there was so much to see we didn’t slow down as much as our bodies needed. Once in the mountains, we couldn’t wait to go hiking again. But even the half day hike (nothing compared to what the large groups of Austrian senior citizens were doing) was exhausting. We both realized that we needed to do a full day of easy.

1. Slept into 9 am- and if you know me, I am usually up by 5:30. 

2. Ate a light breakfast and headed to Hallstatt- a picturesque, alpine village on a lake that has been cursed with a Rick Steves’ endorsement. The bumper-to-bumper traffic and lack of parking made it look way too hard. So we drove on and took a short walk by an isolated mountain creek with a bridge.

3. Picked up lunch at a grocery store and headed to our next place- an alpine ski gasthaus that was out of the way, quiet, and no stress.

4. Took a long nap.

5. Purchased some ready made food in town and ate on the hotel terrace looking at the horses across the road and the mountains a short distance away.

6. Took a short walk through the fairy-tale children’s park nearby (it had a replica of Hansen and Gretl’s house),

7. Planned some more travel and went to bed. 

It was a perfect day.

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