The Museum of Broken Relationships

We are now in Zagreb. Yesterday, we left Bratislava and bussed our way across Austria and Slovenia to Croatia. The bus was far better than our Albanian bus experience, with more comfortable seats and wifi and… air conditioning. We got in around 7 pm, and before we got off the bus, the young mother sitting across the aisle from me asked if she could help us in any way. After I got over my shock, I thanked her, but said I thought we were okay. I hope we didn’t look totally lost and confused.

While John was booking an uber to get to our AirBNB, I ran into a bakery to get bread and a sandwich- we had no kuna, the Croatian currency, just Euros. The young man behind me said, “let me help- exchange rate is 7.45”, and he exchanged the 20 Euros for the correct amount of kunas- and then later shook John’s hand and asked if he could help in any other way.  It was a nice way to arrive in a strange city.

Today we wandered throughout Zagreb, found the famous Stone Gate and the local Cathedral with St. Stepanik’s crypt, ate octopus for lunch, and rode the world’s shortest cable car from the upper city to the lower city. The guidebooks all suggested that we had to take in the Museum of Failed Relationships- a museum dedicated to love relationships that had ended badly. (Couldn’t we all be in this museum?) The price was right at 60 kuna (about $8). Some displays were dedicated to bizarre breakups, others to just really sad tales, and still others to some individuals who should just live as hermits. On the one hand, the museum was a nice change from art and history museums, but I can say with great confidence that once was enough. The experience also made me realize I am so lucky to be married to my soul mate. 

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