Not all boats are the same

Our daughter and fiancé have joined us for the past few days, and I have been having too much fun with Julie and Henry to find time to write- until this morning. Today, we are taking it easy and slowing down a little bit. Both Split and Dubrovnik are amazing, and just walking around exploring is fun. 

We went out exploring their first day, just to take in all the sights inside the Diocletian Palace. Diocletian built his “retirement home” in 295 A.D., and lived there until his death almost twenty years later. The palace has undergone various transformations and rebuilds, some of it stemming from wars and changes in population. Imagine a walled city with small alley ways, filled with cafes, hidden bars, store fronts, and lots of people. When the crowds got to be too much, we headed out of the city to a museum and villa of Ivan Mestrovic, a famous Croatian sculptor- he did the two mounted Native Americans in Grant Park. The next day was a bike ride through a nearby nature preserve, enjoying the views. 

Split offers numerous excursions to nearby islands, to swim and snorkel, and to take in a small Croatian villages. We thought this would be a great way to spend the afternoon, and watch the sunset out on the water. We booked a tour and Julie and I took our motion-sickness medicine to be on the safe side. We were a little surprised when our “boat” turned out to be one of those inflatable dinghies used to ferry people from larger ships to the dock. As we got out of the harbor, the waves kicked up to four to five feet, and we spent the next 50 minutes on the boat ride from hell. Julie was getting nauseous even with the Dramamine onboard. After an hour at a “snorkel” spot (where there were no fish and not enough equipment for everyone), we loaded back up to go to another island, “only 20 minutes away”. Once on the island, we decided eating something might be the best preventative for sea-sickness (old sailor’s advice), and we did have a great snack. But then had to brave a long, choppy and windy ride back to Split. In the end, we were all grateful to make it off the boat in one piece without anyone actually vomiting. The next day we were all hurting physically from the bouncing.

But was it fun you ask? Yes, even though we all voted it the best Croatian false advertising. We were together, and that’s the best. And, now I know that my idea of a boat trip is not the same as a Croatian boat trip- just happy we didn’t need life preservers since I don’t think there were any onboard. 

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