Old Prague

Another great European city! We walked the Charles Bridge, took in Prague Castle, and took a WWII walking tour of Prague, and in between ate amazing food. My Czech and German roots got the better of me, and also my husband. We were standing at a street food stand, gulping down beer, sausage and potatoes with sauerkraut, and my vegetarian husband looked at me with a shocked, guilty face. “I think I am really starting to love sausage- don’t tell anyone!”

Last night was magical. We bought tickets to a classical music concert, held in the Tyn Church on Old Town Square- the church itself is magnificent, but to listen to the Royal Czech Orchestra play Bach, Beethoven and Mozart was enchanting- a lead opera singer sang Ave Maria, and it felt like we had been transported to heaven. My favorite piece brought back memories of home schooling and listening to The Moldau by Smetna- the Vltava (Moldau in German) River runs through Prague and is the longest river running through the Czech Republic. Listening to this masterpiece you can imagine the flow of the river. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTKsHwqaIr4

While the classical music was wonderful, American music and its influence is everywhere; American Rap music in the barbershop where John got a haircut, Pink blaring at the crepe stand, Perry Como crooning while we ate pancakes, and even Johnny Cash during our final Czech meal of venison and duck.

 As much as the Czechs seem to like the American sound, they seem to have no idea who the artist is. When we mentioned to our waiter at breakfast that it was Perry Como, he insisted that “No, this Frank Sinatra- I am sure”. We did the polite thing and agreed. The restaurant we picked for an early pre-concert dinner was like a step back in time- old wood ceilings, stone door ways, stained glass windows, with elderly waiters who were all about customer service. We had the restaurant to ourselves because it was early, and browsed all the old world maps hung on the walls. And, true to our luck, we picked the only restaurant in all of Prague playing…. “Czech Kantry”; country music, which proved to be very entertaining. In fact, the dinner would not have been the same without it. Johnny Cash’s last recorded hit before he died was playing, but when we mentioned him to the waiter, he said “Not Johnny Cash- Czech singer!” 

John and I decided that as long as we can keep eating the amazing food, we don’t care who is singing. 

2 thoughts on “Old Prague

  1. The concert in the Tyn Church must have been magnificent. I love your description of it. I was in Prague twice for physiology meetings and unfortunately never had an opportunity to attend a concert there. Did go to a smaller salon-type place to hear singing from Rusalka – absolutely wonderful. I was there the first time in 1990 just after the Velvet Revolution. There was no food in shops and very limited food in restaurants but it was exciting to be there. My strongest memory is of a visit to the old Jewish cemetery. I’m not Jewish but it elicited strong emotions in me. Hard to describe.
    I wonder what your strongest memories are of this place and of other places you’ve been?


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