And just like that…

The last few days in Ireland proved to add even more questions about my grandmother’s life before she came to the United States. Once we were in Dublin, Michael Glynn’s Aunt Evelyn and I connected over the phone. She is convinced that my great grandfather and her grandfather were siblings. In my heart, I want that to be true. In my head, I have experienced so many twists and turns on this family search, I know that the puzzle will keep unfolding. And that’s okay. I now have people in Ireland who are so gracious in their willingness to help in my search, and I have been re-inspired to keep looking for the pieces. 

It rained for two days while we were in Cong. The weather made the two of us just want to hide out with a cup of tea, or a pint of Guinness. We had been rather lax about planning the next part of the journey, although we had a vague determination to go to Portugal. Yet, the planning just seemed beyond reach for John. Every conversation about moving on seemed to dead end. Sitting in the cozy attic sitting room of the B & B sipping tea, John looked at me and said, “I am ready to go home. I think I have figured out what I needed to figure out. And I am good with leaving. ” 

I had more difficulty switching gears, and wrapping my brain around the end of this trip. But, after several online searches for air fares out of various destinations, and a somewhat crazy foray into a possible 13-day cheap cruise to Miami, we both agreed flying out of Dublin made the most sense. It means we return sooner than we thought, but, then again, the dollar is not doing as well as when we left. And, we purposely left our trip open for this decision.

Europe isn’t going to disappear, and either is my desire to travel. I learned so much on this trip- about myself, about my husband, about my family from Ireland, and about what really matters to me. As I was stepping off the airport bus in Dublin, I thanked the bus driver, and he responded, “ Not at all. You are so welcome, my love.”  Oh, how I am going to miss those moments!

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