A 1000 words


Last week, it rained every day, although usually by afternoon the sun would decide to pop out, and Carrie and I could go for a hike. The season of spring seems to be turning into summer rather fast. Suddenly, I have geraniums and peace I lies and bird of paradise blooming along the driveway. We already turned our clocks ahead in our part of the world. Evenings are longer, giving John time to get home from work and enjoy the sunset. Each day more fisherman and families are out on the beach, as the rental properties down the shore become busy. Today, an excursion company unloaded 10 horses for a ride down 90 Mile.

This morning I am hiding in the shaded corner of the deck, watching the seabirds chase a small child down the sand and the horses canter through the surf. If I walk north on the beach, the hike is endless. It heads north to Cape Reinga. If I walk south, even at low tide, the sea rocks block a clear walking path, and it becomes more of a climb.

More backpackers arrive in Ahipara everyday, another sign that the summer crowd is arriving. A few days ago, Carrie and I picked up a hitchhiker, Jason, and drove him to Kaitaia. He was from Canada, near Vancouver, doing a walkabout by himself. He had backpacked the entire beach to find out that once you walk down from the cape to Ahipara, that’s it. No where to go but to hitch to Kaitaia, which is more of a crossroads.

I met Lea, another backpacker, on the beach at sunset. She was on her own with no room reservations or any idea where she was could get a meal.  It’s not all that unusual to meet someone on a journey, hiking about and exploring, with no hard set plans.

I headed back to the house after talking with Lea, thinking how awesome it was that she had no plans. She probably has life goals- walking 90 Mile is maybe one of them- but no rigid idea of what should happen next. She wasn’t worried about controlling her day. After 6 weeks of living here, I try to let the day just unfold and enjoy the sunset at the end.


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